Birth Classes

On your path to labor and delivery, a birth class is a useful resource for information, community, and reflection! Come take your birth class with us. Our birth classes are full of concrete information, pull from a variety of doctrines, and include a yogic perspective (and yoga!) In our time together, we’ll cover specific ways your partner (or birth team) can support you, practice coping strategies for labor, practice breath work and prenatal- partner yoga, and prepare for your baby’s birthday!


Upcoming Classes

We currently offer a one-day birth class and in the future, we’ll also offer a class that spans four evenings. (We love the option of four evenings together, to build community with others and allow time for questions to arise through the weeks.) We also understand how precious time with family and friends is leading up to the arrival of babe, so if a shorter commitment works better, join us for a one-day class.


1 day option:

Saturday, Sept. 23; 9:00-3:00 PM (Hillsborough Yoga location) $200

Sunday, Nov. 19 9:00-3:00 PM (Hillsborough Yoga location) $200

Additional dates for January and March will be added soon and 4-class option coming soon. 

Registration Information

Please email us at to register, and we’ll send you enrollment forms and give you options for tuition payment.

Are our classes the right fit?

We’re dedicated to using yoga as a tool for a supported pregnancy, a mindful labor, and a comfortable arrival into motherhood. Knowledge of yoga is not necessary for enrollment in our birth classes, but an interest in what yoga offers is key! In addition to time with us in the birth class or classes, enrollment includes:

  • one free prenatal class with Lauren (offered weekly)
  • one free postnatal workshop with Alexandra (offered every 2 months)
  • access to a private group of moms and moms-to-be through Facebook for community and questions
  • email and text access to Lauren and Alexandra with any additional questions through your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum